So I’ve been Tagged!

So, I’ve finally been tagged in this very interesting series of blog posts, where bloggers tag one another and challenge each other with a set of 11 questions! It’s such a great way to get to know members of your PLN better. A definite breath of fresh air from the conventional language-education laden posts!

If you’re tagged:
a) Acknowledge the blogger who has nominated you
b) Share 11 random facts about yourself
c) Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger asked you
d) Nominate 11 more bloggers of your choice
e) Post 11 questions for the nominated bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.Don’t nominate a blogger who has nominated you!

And here goes:

1. I love singing. I’ve performed on stage many times since I was young and will do so anytime I get an opportunity.
2. I’m terrible at remembering birthdays. My sister has taken it as her lifetime mission to remind me of all the important birth dates.
3. I think food unites people together. I love inviting friends to my home, meticulously planning the meal and feeding them like there’s no tomorrow. I love food. Sadly,this is not going to go along with item (7) below.
4. I’m not very proud of myself in hiking, especially when descending. I always feel like I’m going to slip and fall.
5. I’ve recently completed classes to obtain a Certificate in Baking from the Malaysian Institute of Baking.
6. I watch Criminal Minds because of Shemar Moore. Shemar Moore. Shemar Moore. He’s handsome and makes my knees go weak! **sigh**
7. Losing weight is my lifetime goal, no matter what people say. When I was 16, I’ve attempted throwing up and almost became bulimic. I’ve starved myself into getting gastric before. I’ve long since outgrown that.
8. I love making people laugh, and being around people who make me laugh.
9. I love yoga, everything spiritual, believe in reincarnation and am a vegetarian.I go by my intuition more than my logic.
10. I once climbed over my neighbour’s 6 ft tall fence to pluck some beautiful flowers when my neighbour was out of town. Obviously, my neighbour wasn’t very fond of it.
11. When I was 8, my dad told me that he’d get me a set of 36 colored pencils if I got the top score in class. I didn’t. So, during Physical Education, I snuck back into the classroom, stole the top scorer’s exam papers, erased and wrote my name instead of hers, and slipped the exam paper into my bag. Of course, the teacher found out, called my parents, and I received a warning letter from the school. My dad still teases me about it.:P

Now, for:


1. What was your very first job?
A data-entry clerk to a company lawyer.

2. What is your most valuable possession?
I’d say a few. My purse,cellphone,wedding ring and pendant.

3. Where do you want to go to retire?
I’ve never really thought about it.

4. What is the most important thing you learned from your parents/ parental figures?
How to love, love and unconditionally love your children that you’re willing to sacrifice so much for their best interest.

5. Mountains or Ocean?
Mountains. I love looking down from the Mountains.

6. Most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
The glorious sunset at the cliff of Uluwatu, Bali. It was so ethereal I felt like I was in another world. Bali itself exists in another realm. A truly magical place.

7. What’s your favorite blog post you’ve written?
‘Learning to See’ for the ITDI blog. It is a constant reminder to myself that being a human far surpasses being a teacher.

8. Favorite education quote?
When you take a step towards your teacher, the teacher takes 9 steps towards you.

9. Have you ever done something adventurous? Please share!
I’ve hiked inside the biggest limestone cave in Malaysia called Gua Tempurung. It’s filled with stalactites and stalagmites. At one point, the passing between the stalactites and the riverbed was so narrow we had to move through the narrow passing on our backs with the sharp stalactites just inches from our eyes. One wrong move and it pierces right into your eyes. That was a rush of adrenaline for me!

10. The correct number of hours of sleep is ______ in 24.
7 in 24. I can operate without food but my system totally shuts down without sleep.

11. What is something you do that has absolutely no connection to TESOL?
Organizing events and baking.

Now that I’m done answering Anne’s questions, it’s time to select the next 11 bloggers, and here they go!


1. What’s your signature dish?
2. If there are two things you could change about the way you look, what would it be?
3. Devil’s food cake or cheesecake?
4. How do you relax and wind down?
5. Which book would you strongly recommend to your PLN members?
6. What’s the most dangerous risk that you’ve taken in your life?
7. Hapiness is _______________________________________.
8. What irks you?
9. How do plan your investments?
10. Describe your very first day of teaching in the language classroom.
11. Time is an illusion, What say you?

Let’s get the ball rolling, friends!:)


2012 – The Year of Giving….

My guru says that the importance of life is to give before we expect, for when we give, our hearts open and then, we receive so much more back and THIS truly, truly makes us a happier person.


(picture courtesy of

And his words made me smile. For this post is dedicated to all who have given to me wholeheartedly throughout 2012; who’ve shared a part of them with me just to see me grow and who’ve been there when I most needed them. 2012’s been filled with giving, giving and more giving that I’m not really sure if I’d ever be able to repay them in any way.

What a scintillating year it’s been. So much learning, so much growth, so much reflecting and this overpowering sense of belonging. I feel inspired. I feel the need to explore my potentials as a person. 

So here I am, inspired by Scott Thornbury’s “A-Z of ELT” – my own list of of “A-Z of gratitude”. Just a simple post from my heart; no big words, no fancy language, no impressions.  Just warm moments expressing my sincerest warmest gratitude for opening your hearts to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH…..


Anne Hendler : for taking the trouble to spend time with me (which I really enjoyed!) AND reminding me never to be judgemental and always keep an open mind **thank u gal!**. I’ve got so much to learn from you, really. And I know I can always be myself around you and not blabber something “just to impress”……:)))))))

(and special thanks to AMMA and APPA for without you, I’d never have done it to this very day)

Ann Loseva : for her lovely blog and for so making my day today and featuring me on her blog. Ann, you’ve got no idea how much that meant to me!


Barbara Sakamoto : for the opportunity to write a guest post on Teaching Village.

Bodhinatha : for your wonderful teachings and spiritual guidance.


Chuck Sandy : for connecting me to so many wonderful friends here in Korea, helping me rediscover what I can do and believing in myself. Thank you Chuck for your doors of opportunities!

Calvyn Wong : for the time you took to write me a testimonial. 


Danaraj : for being my man of steel, giving uncontended support to think differently and most of all, always remind me to “not attach passion to monetary value but do it because you love it’ll eventually sum up”.


Emma : for her wonderful smile and always laughing together with me


Friends : All my friends in Korea, especially to Piya and Sasya who’ve made my laugh til I my eyes watered. Those moments we spent together would be etched forever in my heart.


Grant Duncan : for being the best ELT boss that I’ve ever had! You’ve been such a source of inspiration and support until this very day!

Gemma Lunn : for reading and saying such kind words to motivate me to continue doing what I do. I’m really wishing that we meet again sometime, someday.


Hema : my wonderful sister who always happily agrees to help me test out with technology. And for being so loving and kind-hearted.


Indra Sasasivam : for being one of the most selfless friends I’ve ever had. Til this day I wonder how can someone be so giving and selflessly helpful as you are. We’ve gone such a long way together, and I hope we go a long way too.

Isha Nanthini : for our inspiring skype sessions; I always feel rejuvenated after talking to you.


James Taylor : For your powerful thoughts and the inspiration for me to do things I’ve never done before and to “say yes”.

Josette Le Blanc : for always touching my heart with the emails that you send me. Each word that you say goes really deep down into me, and sits there for a long time. If someone’s got the magic with words, I believe you’re one of those people.

John Pfordresher : for being the most helpful classmate in John Fanselow’s ‘Breaking the Rules” Class. You really helped me reorganize myself on days that I was absent. And your blog is something else. It’s so humbling to see your honesty in accepting your shortcomings as a teacher and most of all, on how much you strive to continue improving yourself. There’s so much to learn from you.

Jeyanthi akka : for unendingly supporting me by reading and reposting everything I write on my blog. Thanks so much for being such a nice and supportive person in my life.


Kevin Stein : for making me feel that I’m not the only one who faces challenges in class. I’ve never met you in person, but in more than a single occasion, I found myself typing or thinking the same exact thing that you said or thought (either in you blog, comments or during our online classes). I feel myself seeing through your eyes in the classroom, and sometimes I feel that I’m there with you as well.

Ken Morrison : for your powerful insight on how I need to write an abstract for a presentation. Very informative words, thank you very much Ken.

Kanthan : for being the best brother one could have. You’ve got a brilliant mind, and big heart and the best sense of intelligent humor I’ve seen on a person!


Lindsay Whithworth : For giving me the most priceless advice before I came to Korea, for the most unique resume sample and for being such a wonderful person. I wish we met again sometime! I really do!

Lim Eng Seong : for all the academic questions that you asked me which were the reasons I questioned myself and my research and completed it. You’re one of a kind. Thanks so much for your time to listen to me in during the toughest time of my postgraduate years.


Mike Griffin : for that mischevious twinkle in your eyes and smile, and for posts that are so conceptually astounding that I gape in awe on how someone could so brilliantly write a post that’s both funny and informative! 

Minie Ramasamy : for your warmth, healing energies and making me feel at home here in Ulsan. I loved each moment I spent with you. Thanks so much!

Meghan : You’d probably never read this post, but I can’t thank you enough for being the most selflessly helpful person during my stay here in Korea. You’re such a fine Korean woman, and I hope you continue having fun learning English.

Mexi : for being so kind as to let me us your home for my classes and even picking students up from their homes, preparing after class meals for them. You’re amazing, really you are.


Nish Suvarna : for the laughters me and Dana had when we’re out with you. Come to Malaysia sometime!


Ozge : for a blog filled with technological tools it keeps reminding me that I have a lot of homework to do.


Piyali Ghosh : for being such a loyal, supportive friend and confidante here in Ulsan.

Parames Perumal : For bringing a smile onto my face each time I thought about the amount of laughing we used to do together.!




Rohini : for being so beautiful and yet so humble and kind-hearted. A gentle reminder to me from my dear sister.


Sasya : for laughing together with me like no one’s watching and for teaching me what generosity is about. You’re one of the most generous people I’ve ever met.Truly.

Subha : for being so helpful and understanding, and gently nudging me to look at things from a different angle.


Tim Thompson : for telling me firmly to “first get a name card it’ll work wonders for you”. definitely something I’ve got to do!

Tom Higgs : for always being the grandpa figure with his kind, thoughtful, encouraging words.


UPM gang : Sham, sangee, dhat, janu,basky,sri. The amount of things we’ve done and shared can never ever be expressed in words. Thank you so much for every year from the time we met until 2012. I’m so glad that we’ve been in touch despite all these years and dearest sham….I have changed, I think we all have 😉


Vladka : for inspiring me with such a talented voice in writing. It’s always so fulfilling to read hat you’ve got to say; Your writing’s got such depth it just spells you in every word. I’d so love to meet you sometime in the future!

Vahid Javadi : you may never ever read this but a single chance of observing your class changed my life forever. I still think you’re one of the most creative teachers that I’ve ever met in my life. Wherever you are, I hope you shine as you always did. Thanks so much for the revelation.






Yitzha Sarwono : I sometimes wonder how someone could be as positive and bright as you are. And such a hardworking and passionate teacher. Reading between the lines of your blog shows me how much you’ve achieved and yet you remain humble and keep saying “I’m just a kindergarden teacher”. You always remind me that humility I need to always keep in mind.


And there it is. I’m so excited to step into 2013 because I know I’m going to continue growing, continue connecting with fantastic teachers and continue giving more and more. If I’ve not mentioned your name, please forgive me; for deep in my mind, I always remember the kindness people show me. I may have forgotten here but you’re surely and always in my heart.

I’d love to sign of with a huge warm “namaste” which isn’t just a gesture, but a symbolic greeting that elevates one’s conciousness, drawing us inward for a moment, and softening the interface between us. It’s the most honorable yet humbling way of saying thank you, from my soul to yours.

Have a light and laughter filled 2013 with lots of “sugar and spice and all that’s nice”.