Thrilled To Bits – Presenting at the International RSCON4 2013 E-Conference



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I feel so thrilled to present at the 2013 Reform Symposium e-conference (October 13th, 2013 at 4pm (MYT)) on the topic of “The Magic of Games : D’Amazing Race Project”. Some of you who frequent my blog may have read about this project sometime back. However, I’d love to reach out to more teachers around the world to share this awesome idea cum game, one which is so adaptable it can be used by teachers across the board (all age groups and levels of proficiency). What better place to share than an international e-conference with 10+ keynote speakers,  100+ presenters and 3 panels!?

It’s peculiar how it all started. Nature’s best laid plan I’d say! A couple of days back, I read an excited shoutout from one of my PLN – friends, Ika, which sounded something like “yaaaaaay, I’ve been accepted”. My curiosity took over me and that was when I found out about the reform symposium (via the Future of Education website). Even then, it never occurred to me that I’d actually be presenting; I was more than excited to even participate. Who wouldn’t? It was free, it was international, and most of all, it brought together educators (of different time zones) from all around the world onto a single platform. I signed up as a member (in order to participate) and excitedly posted shoutouts to teacher friends, inviting them to participate in this event. And then, the unconventional happened – I was asked if I wanted to present! (to which, of course, I obliged to without a 2nd thought).

Presenting at this e-conference means so much to me on different levels. For one, I’d be able to contribute my ideas to a group of global educators, knowing that they’d appreciate and even try it out themselves! And then, there’s the part about getting connected with all these wonderful teachers, listening to their ideas, getting myself abreast with the trends in the ELT world and. most of all. developing myself professionally. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

With numerous update emails received from the organizers, non-stop twitter and facebook promotion of the conference and presenters getting connected via pre-conference training sessions, one cannot help feeling the soaring excitement that’s building in the seamless global community.

I don’t think I need to say further. You must experience the e-conference to know what it truly is. Lots to take back to your classrooms from the wealth of innovative thoughts as well. Trust me, it’ll be an experience that you’d never forget!

So, here’s to transformative education of the future –> “Cheers!”

See you there! 🙂


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