Cool things that happened today….and is probably going to double tomorrow…

I’ve not particularly been keeping the promise I made to myself for the past two months – to blog on a weekly basis. Somehow the whole process of getting back to homeland has gotten a hold over me; reconnecting ties, delving into the new teaching role, redecorating the home (and more to come I’m sure) have seemed to have taken the front row where priorities are concerned.

Hence, it was by chance that I stumbled upon Mike Griffin‘s blog challenge while hogging onto the-oh-so-sinful- facebook (yes, guilthy as charged, your honour).  Ann Loseva had reposted Kevin Stein‘s blog post, where he took up Mike’s challenge to list down cool things that happened for the day, in his life. And I thought, hey, I probably should do it myself (speak about non-original idea, tsk tsk tsk) because today, has definitely been a pretty exhilaratingly exciting day for me. Ultra coolness grooving around me with a total turn of events that caught me off guard, probably leading to something bigger. May spell trouble for me, may not. But hey, I did what I had to do and it was totally worth it! You know what they say about fighting til the last breath escapes your very being. 


(courtesy of

So here goes to all the cool things that happened for the day:

a) A letter of frustration that I wrote to a friend about my utter dissatisfaction about the Malaysian Government’s actions with regards to the ELT industry got published in the opinion column of a renowned, well-read online Malaysian tabloid. You can find the link  here. Now, some of my friends may stop becoming my friends right here because of the obvious mentions of nationality / nations, but whatever I said was true and yes, things that’ve been bugging me, and yes, things that N.E.E.D to be changed in my country. Awake! Arise!

b) The letter’s gone (and still going) viral in the Malaysian social media. Last I checked (and this happened within the last 12-24hours), this is the number of tweets, reposts, emails, and sharing USING forms of social media that’s taken place:


I think that’s an amazing, amazing number of reposts. Malaysians ARE concerned about our ELT education. I’ve probably raised some very pressing issues here judging from the number of comments and reposts.

c) Now comes the even juicier part. As a result (I think), the Deputy Chief Editor has requested me to write up a detailed article on the directions that can lead towards change. Exactly what I’ve been wanting to do since I got back. Now I get to write about what every Malaysian English language teacher should be doing to becoming global – professional development. I’m going to draw from my AND my wonderful, dynamic PLN’s experience as well. The best part of it is, it’s going to be read by the entire nation (well, literally) and it’s going to spread like wildfire in the Malaysian social media. It’s showtime, baby!

d) I met up a wonderful friend for lunch, and had loads of fun laughing together. We both parted with such a warm, light heart. 

e) As I reached home, I got a postal package from the same friend – my bridesmaid’s outfit that she bought me, for her wedding. Is it coincidence that I meet her today, and get the package later ON THE SAME DAY? You tell me.

f) I got a call that my timetable for the upcoming semester has been rescheduled, where I have the same teaching hours, but only need to go in thrice a week (as opposed to 4 times a week before). It means I save another day of travelling time, traffic jam, petrol, toll, and most of all, TIME! –> to do thing that I want to do.

g) My carpet arrived today. And it’s totally transformed the way my home looks – so yummilicious! I just rolled around on the carpet with bliss all over my face,as long as I can remember as my husband watched me with a smile.

h) A group of my old students sent me a facebook message about how they told a “bunch of new friends that they’d “never be able to meet the best teacher we”ve ever had because she doesn’t work here anymore”. I sat in front of the computer with a goofy smile on my face for a long time.

i) The group of students also told me that they wanted to meet up for a game of bowling and dinner at any time that I’m free. They will come anywhere that I suggest on any day.

And that’s it. Full of ultra cool goodness for the day. Surely there’s more to come tomorrow. But for now, I’ll bask in the glory of the current ones.

Thanks so much Mike, Kevin, and Anna for inspiring me to getting this done. I feel good all over. Like totally. How cool is that now?


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